Applied Conflict STUDIES - Программы master Programs Ижевск 2010 министерство образования и науки

^ Applied Conflict STUDIES

  1. Institute / Faculty: Institute of Pedagogy, psychology and social technologies.

  2. Major: Conflict Studies.

  3. ^ Academic Degree (qualification): Master of Conflict Resolution.

  4. Program: Applied Conflict Studies (conflictology).

  5. Objective, general description:
    Master of conflict resolution should be prepared for self-employment, which requires in-depth training and basic training, including scientific research and development provided relevant educational and professional program teaching profile to teaching
    The main sections of the program on Conflict Studies:
    • Recent developments in the History and Theory of Conflict;
    • Methodologies for Modern Conflict;
    • Philosophic basis of sustainable development of contemporary social processes;
    • The methodology of analysis and conflict management in contemporary Russia;
    • Methodological problems in the analysis of global conflict and international practice, their prevention and resolution;
    • Methods of teaching conflict resolution in higher education;
    • Computer technologies in conflict resolution and education;
    • System conflicts in Russian society in transformation;
    • Formation of civil society and the mechanisms for the resolution of socio-political and ethnic conflicts in contemporary Russia;
    • Geo-political context of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict;
    • Faith-based conflicts in the modern world;
    • Community organizations as an institution to resolve the conflict;
    • Conflicts among youth

  6. Coordinator: Nikolai I. Leonov, Doctor of psychological sciences, Professor, Vice-chancellor for Science of the Udmurt State University, head of social psychology and conflict studies department, Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences, member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences.

  7. Further education: Masters are ready to continue their education within the frames of postgraduate courses according to the following programs:

19.00.05 Social psychology;
09.00.11 Social Philosophy;
10.01.10 - journalism;
12.00.05 Labour Law, Social Security;
22.00.01 history, theory and methodology of sociology;
22.00.04 Social structure, social institutions and processes;
22.00.08 Sociology of Management;
23.00.01 theory of politics, history and methodology of political science;
23.00.02 political institutions, ethno-political conflict management, national and political processes and technologies;
23.00.04 political problems of international relations and global development.

  1. Career opportunities:
    • in the body of state and municipal government,
    • power structures, including tax, judicial and police authorities,
    • in social services and psycho-correctional centers,
    • public and political organizations,
    • in educational institutions.

  2. Cooperation between research institutes and companies established with:
    • Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Udmurt Republic
    • Department of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Udmurt Republic
    • Ministry of Education and Science for the Udmurt Republic.

  3. International cooperation:
    Planned cooperation with the University of Granada (Spain)

Contacts: Kseniya Gluhih
Tel. / fax: 7 (3412) 68-45-53, 916-124
E-mail: nikolasleonov@rambler.ru


  1. Institute / Faculty: Institute of Pedagogy, psychology and social technologies.

  2. Major: Social Work.

  3. Academic Degree (qualification): Master of Social Work.

  4. Program: Social work with various communities.

  5. Objective, general description:
    The objective of this course is to teach the use of modern methods to obtain, process and store scientific information on issues of social work in the area, region, country, to form the need to participate in developing strategies and specific programs of social work in assigned area, region, country, conduct their own creative research on the analysis of major trends in theory and practice of social work in the area, region, country, to teach meaningful and methodologically well-organized process of professional training and education of future specialists in social work in higher education.
    General description: Theoretical and methodological aspects of social work with various communities. Comparative historical analysis of social work with various communities in Russia and abroad.
    Theoretical problems of social psychology, social pedagogy, home economics, feminology, social studies of youth and gerontology in social work.
    People at different stages of their age existence as object and subject of social work. Theoretical praxeological and substantial problems of social work with children, youth, adults and older people. A man and woman as object and subject of social work.
    Problems of social work practice with families of different types.
    Principles, laws and methods of social work with persons of deviant behavior, individuals and groups with special social needs and disabilities.
    The content and methodology of social work with military personnel, the imprisoned and those who have served their sentence, with the victims of natural, technological, social, economic, etc. disasters, ethnic conflicts, with migrants, refugees, the homeless and other groups.
    ^ Main sections:
    Federal component disciplines:

History and Methodology of Science;
Modern problems of science;
Computer technologies in science and education;
Theory and methods of professional training in social work;
state-legal regulation of social work;

Special courses:
Anthropological aspects of the theory and practice of social work;
Theory and Methods of management of social systems;
analysis methodology and conflict management in the social sphere;
Modern problems of social work in Russia and abroad;
innovative technology to help people in difficult life situations;
Multicultural factors in the methodology of social work;
Theory and practice of social work with young people;
^ Elective courses:

Theoretical problems of organization and management of social and educational process;
Method of professional training in social work.

  1. Coordinator: Esther A. Maltseva, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of pedagogy and educational psychology.

  2. Further education – Masters are ready to continue their education within the frames of postgraduate courses according to the following programs: social philosophy, sociology, social history, social psychology, social upbringing, etc.

  3. ^ Career opportunities:
    • Ministry and the Office of Social Protection for the Udmurt Republic and their subordinate agencies.
    • Ministry of Youth Affairs for the Udmurt Republic and their subordinate agencies.
    • Office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in the Udmurt Republic and private pension funds,
    • Ministry and the Departments of Education for the Udmurt Republic and its subordinate institutions.
    • Ministry of Public Health for the Udmurt Republic and its subordinate medical institutions.

  4. ^ Cooperation between research institutes and companies established with:
    • The Ministry and the Office of Social Protection for the Udmurt Republic and its subordinated institutions - social service centers, the Centers for the Family, rehabilitation centers for different categories of people, orphanages, boarding schools, departments, guardianship, etc.
    • State Committee for Youth Affairs for the Udmurt Republic and their subordinate agencies - Youth Exchange, “Psychologist-plus”, clubs, the Center "the Hope".
    • Office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in the Udmurt Republic and private pension funds,
    • The Ministry and the Department of Education for the Udmurt Republic and its subordinate institutions - orphanages, schools, kindergartens, etc.
    • Ministry of Health for the Udmurt Republic and its subordinate medical institutions - Municipal Children's City Hospital № 3 "Neuron", Municipal educational establishment of additional education center for children and teen clubs “Pulse”, Public healthcare institutions “National Drug Dispensary", "Republican Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of AIDS and infectious diseases", "Family Planning Clinic, Municipal Clinical Hospital № 4.

  5. International cooperation: Finland (University of Helsinki, Turku), USA (Texas School of Social Work).

Contacts: Olga V. Solodyankina, Head of the Department of Social Work,Tel. 7 (3412) 916-120

E-mail: socialwork@rambler.ru

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